Gay Asian and Pacific Islanders (gaysians) represent a unique “double minority” population in many western countries – we are not only a minority in ethnic background but also in sexual orientation. Growing up and dealing with both institutionalized discrimination and the stigma against homosexuality can be an incredibly challenging and isolating experience. Unlike many of our friends who do not share the same minority status, many gaysians lack proper role models to learn from at a critical time during the development of their self-identities. In fact, for the vast majority, our first contact with other gaysians and gay social groups are facilitated through dating apps and the clubbing/raving scenes . Yet too often, the apps and gay bars are platforms that prioritize physical beauty, instant gratification, objectification, and sexual prowess at the expense of more meaningful connections.

In light of this reality, we decided to create the Gaysian Third Space, an alternative global platform for individuals looking for Community. A Community that is a safe and supportive environment where members encourage each other to grow and mature as they explore their identity. A Community where we can share our stories and struggles on coming out, family, school/career, romance, body image, and relationships that perhaps only other gaysians can understand. A Community that gives voice to the “double minority” on timely issues because our perspective is valid and deserves to be heard. That is our vision for Gaysian Third Space.

Curate. Create. Comment. Connect. Community.

We hope you’ll join us at Gaysian Third Space and look forward to getting to know all of you.

-Jeffrey and Fish