Alvin’s Story · Staying Negative

Alvin’s Story · Staying Negative:

An excerpt:

My parents found out that I’m gay from fax machine messages from gay
friends – at the time there weren’t any mobile phones with text and the
internet hadn’t really appeared yet. We argued for weeks and I became
very depressed. At the time I had completed a diploma but I couldn’t
continue to study in university in Hong Kong because of my deafness. I
decided to study overseas and my parents agreed.

I moved to Melbourne in 1999 because some of my relatives live here, and
that reassured my parents. My life changed dramatically as I could not
lip-read the teachers and my English wasn’t that good. So I learnt
Auslan (Australian Sign Language) from an interpreter at uni while I was
studying my course. I made some Deaf friends but I didn’t come out to
them. Then I met an Aussie Deaf guy at a Deaf Club social night, and we
exchanged mobile phone numbers but never got in touch. Then by chance we
met again at a dinner party and fell in love. He became my first Aussie
boyfriend. He was 10 years older than me but we were very close. He
taught me a lot about Australian culture, Deaf culture, safe sex and
Auslan. I learnt heaps from him and we were together for 8 years before
deciding to become just friends; we are more like brothers now.


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