Out and proud: Growing influence of LGBTQ Korean YouTubers

Out and proud: Growing influence of LGBTQ Korean YouTubers:

Featuring the channels of Luke William, an out gay Korean man, Hayden Royalty, a non-binary Korean American, and Soo, a bisexual Korean woman.

A few reactions they’ve encountered from their videos:

“Actually, some Korean LGBT people think I am making the community worse
off by showing our lifestyle. They want to keep our culture secret. (But)
I will not stop being a gay Korean YouTuber until every LGBT person can be happy, with equal rights.”

Hayden: “I was really surprised to hear that lesbians didn’t have any gay male
friends and vice versa. You don’t have to fight on the front lines and
show up for protests, but educating yourself and others and exchanging
conversations definitely helps.”

“Many closeted people feel like they are alone because they don’t have
queer friends with whom they can share their story. But when they watch
my videos, they feel like they are not alone.”


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