The complicated journey towards identity as a gay Canadian man of colour

The complicated journey towards identity as a gay Canadian man of colour:

An excerpt:

“When you add your sexuality to the mix, what unique obstacles do you as a gay man of colour have to deal with?”

I paused for a minute to gather my thoughts, to listen to the three parts of myself and channel their answers:

“Hmm, if you mean unique obstacles I face as a gay Chinese man in
life (and not film-related), well, where do I begin? Seriously though,
there are always issues with the two, or at least with me. Despite
having raised their children in Canada, my parents are traditional
Chinese people, which, as I’m sure you can imagine, already brings up
problems. It was difficult to come out to them because I never felt like
they understood what it was like to be gay or even the concept of
it. The whole subject of being gay is a taboo in Chinese culture, so if
no one talks about it, how could they understand it, let alone me? And I
guess more unique to me, I feel like I am a different breed of gay
Chinese man — and not necessarily in a good way. I think some people
look at me and dismiss me as a typical gay Asian man but for one, I’m
completely out, which a lot of Asian men aren’t. I’ve lived here all my
life, and though English is my first language, I don’t consider myself
white-washed; and I’m not particularly into the ‘gay scene’ (ie.
clubbing, going to bars and big parties, etc).


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