Reflections by Apple Expert Shin Cheng, from “4 Queer Apple Employees on Self-Discovery and LGBTQ Advocacy”:

“In Taiwan, the idea of gender is very different from Western culture, where it’s very masculine and feminine. In most of Asia, it’s more about gender harmony and gender balance. So coming here, I didn’t fit into the Western world of masculinity, and I didn’t fit in as a female either. I started to realize I felt most comfortable being ‘other’—not just male, not just female. In my soul, I’m both, but not at the same time, so I fall into a more non-binary pattern.”

“Growing up, there wasn’t a gay Asian male in the media that I could look up to and often, when I speak to my Asian friends who don’t want to come out, there’s so much fear from a lack of representation—self-loathing because there’s this Western standard of being gay they don’t fit into. So I think having gay Asian representation is so important, because it says, ‘We exist.’”


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