I’m more attractive in Asia

“She thinks you’re really handsome,” the hotel receptionist says to me, referring to his other coworker who works at the front desk. I laugh it off quite shyly, not knowing what to think of it. I don’t remember the last time a woman had commented on my appearance in this way. A few days later at a bar in Saigon, a guy comes up to me and stares admiringly at my grown out sideburns. “Wow I’m really loving your facial hair!” he exclaims amidst the loud environment. He keeps gazing with a grin and then strokes my shoulder as he walks away.

I also reinstalled my Grindr and Jack’d profiles as I do enjoy perusing and studying the LGBT communities outside of the US. I was bombarded with messages and pings. I didn’t put any different photos or anything new to my profiles, but yet I probably received double the amount of messages compared to when I had these apps in the US. I then wondered if it was because I was a foreigner or was it because brown bodies are the majority in Asia? It makes me think about monolithic and polylithic levels of attractions. Am I less attractive in the US because there is so much more diversity and other factors such as white supremacy? It might even be the fact that Asians are more direct with these types of compliments. I’m sure there are many layers to this and that there isn’t really one answer.

But It was nice to feel this type of attention. With everybody vying for social media validation nowadays, it was refreshing to receive these compliments when I least expected it.


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