On Being Asian, Gay, and Naïve

An excerpt:

Whether it be stereotypes to my ethnicity that repulses
other people or that I may want something serious “too fast” … I am
sorry my desires are “too fast” for your “right now” demands. Actually
to be frank, I am not sorry. I am not sorry for my turmeric skin and my
jet black hair.  What you perceive as submissive when all I am doing is
showing respect and cultural manners.  I am a more tactile person when
showing affection; it stems from my cultural upbringings. Does it make
you uncomfortable that I am a more aggressive Asian? War stains my
bloodlines and I was raised to be a fighter.

Forgive me for my frankness for I do not mean to offend.
But when one writes me off as being too feminine bottom. You my friend,
know nothing. I have the drive of my tiger mom. I don’t have anything to
say to what you perceive to be too masc or too femme. You are stuck in
the quicksand of your own twisted reality. Too enclosed in the narrow
opening of your mind…

On Being Asian, Gay, and Naïve


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