East Coast Gays Versus West Coast Gays

East Coast Gays Versus West Coast Gays:


Very interesting comparison, which I find to be pretty accurate. Specially this section: 

The Professionals:
In keeping the tone of that Southern California coolness, people in Los Angeles are far less concerned about what you do and more concerned about what you look like. People in L.A., never seem to work much at all and it is one of the only towns I have ever been to where people like porn stars and strippers are put on a pedestal. You may call that slutty – I call it entrepreneurial. However, there is something about New York that drives people to work harder for a better life. I guess it has something to do with the fact that Ellis Island is right around the corner and people there are still fighting for that American Dream or some shit. Nowhere else on the planet is a fourteen hour workday not only accepted, but the norm. The winner: New York.


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