Follower Friday: gloriouseffingvictory

Follower Fridays is a series of profiles highlighting members of Gaysian Third Space to showcase the diversity of gaysians in the Community. This week’s featured member is @gloriouseffingvictory.


Who are you?

Right now, I am a (still) a (graduate) student. I am studying counseling psychology in New York, fulfilling a dream of becoming a therapist! I also am an international student from Korea; I’ve been here in the United States since 2010, when I began my undergrad studies.

Where are you from?

As mentioned, I am from Korea, as far as my nationality is concerned. I lived in both Korea and Vietnam growing up and in fact, the place I have stayed the longest is Chicago/Evanston where I attended my undergraduate school. It is complicated hahaha.

What do you do?

By day, I am a graduate student in counseling psychology, juggling studies, an internship, and a part-time work at a university health center. By night, I try not to overwhelm myself with event and rally organizing around Korean and/or Queer issues in NYC.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about sleep – if you are just deprived of it for 10 years you can only become passionate for it I guess… But really, I am passionate about queer existence in Korea; the history, the present, the activism, the community, and the solidarity the queer community is building with other marginalized communities in Korea. I am really excited to go back to become part of it and add my voice to it after having been away from Korea for 12 years.

What is your dream job (real or fantasy)?

A counselor in a queer organization in Korea. Fantasy-wise… getting a PhD in a field where I can study queer organizing/history in Korea and being able to exert some sort of expertise (esp. on those bigoted protesters…).

If you could change the world with one idea, what would it be?

To actually put to practice that teenagers need 7 to 9 hours of sleep a day.


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