[Sean] During World War II Manzanar was an American…

[Sean] During World War II Manzanar was an American incarceration camp in which Japanese Americans were held against their will in the name of national security.

[Jen] Manzanar wouldn’t even be here for us to visit if it weren’t for the efforts of Japanese Americans who made the pilgrimage back to the site and then who successfully lobbied the government to preserve it.

[Sean] I think for me it was like, survivors of the camps can’t be the only ones telling the story because they’re fading. But for us to make sure that the lessons continue, we have to keep going back to the camps, whether literally or figuratively, ‘cause there’s so much to learn.

[Jon] And there’s this real danger that this same rhetoric is going to get out there and that people are going to be arbitrarily sent off for no reason.

[Hitomi] Just imagine someone just telling you to pack your bag and leave right now.


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