Outside of the clubs, drinking scenes, is it possible to create a safe space to meet at a park/public area that does not have to be centered around drinking? I have been trying to understand and find more connections (platonically) where I don’t have to be centered around where we have to be so confined in these little areas.

Hi Michael, thank you for writing in. Creating an alternative safe space has been G3’s goal from the get-go, whether it’s been  a digital or physical space.

Our previous meetups have been at restaurants or tea places (and one escape room adventure) where we can get together, share our experiences, or just chat about whatever topic comes to mind. If you’re near LA, we actually have a meetup tomorrow, if you’d like to come!


Speaking to my own personal experience, as someone who very rarely imbibes, the meetups have been a great way to meet new people in a non-alcoholic  setting. =)

You can also check out the LINE chat if you’d like to get a better feel of what we’re all about. See http://ift.tt/2jn8QWB for more info.

Outside of G3S, there may be organizations in your area, such as gay sports and gay outdoorsmen, that focus on community building as well.

I hope the above is helpful – let us know if you have any more questions!

– Andrew


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