It Gets Better, Unless You’re Fat

Sometimes, good intentions aren’t enough. Some highlights:

I can tell you that when I lost 15 pounds due to depression, a well-meaning older gay man told me I had done the right thing, because my only other option would have been to gain weight and become a bear. I can tell you that one person I tried to date helpfully offered, “You could be really attractive if you lost some weight.”

From the beginning, the “It Gets Better” campaign has been fairly criticized for its limited scope: Yes, it does get gbetter, provided you’re an attractive, able-bodied white cisman…. Just because it gets marginally better doesn’t mean it ever gets good enough.

The truth is, the gay community isn’t interested in embracing overweight people because we’re a blemish on the image of perfection… Ignore us or relegate us to the butt of hackneyed jokes: We just don’t matter. It doesn’t get better for us.

gayforbatwings (Andrew)

It Gets Better, Unless You’re Fat


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