Hi! Just wanted to ask about the regional g3s fb groups. Thanks!

Thanks for your question, @yooneys! Yes, G3S is piloting regional Facebook groups as another tool to further connect our community and we are excited to see how these groups progress! Currently we are starting with a LA/SoCal regional group and I’ve been organizing mini meetups in the SF Bay Area when I’m back home. However, I know there is an interest to start a Midwest version and I’m sure we could organize a Boston and/or Philadelphia group if folks are interested. Also, chances are that if you live in a major US city, you might have a local queer API organization that you can check out from the list here: http://www.nqapia.org/wpp/member-organizations/

Finally, while we are concentrating on US regional groups, we are also open to expanding our efforts internationally as well (I see you, Canada and Australia). If you’d like to start or join a regional G3S Facebook in your area, please send us an email at gaysianthirdspace@gmail.com or drop an ask in our inbox.



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