First-Ever Tracker Of Hate Crimes Against Asian-Americans Launched

First-Ever Tracker Of Hate Crimes Against Asian-Americans Launched:

“Work hard, keep your head down, and don’t rock the boat” are popular nuggets of wisdom passed down by well-meaning immigrant parents to their children.

But when resumes with Asian names are 28% less likely to get a callback, it demonstrates how easily our accomplishments can be dismissed (this doesn’t even account for the fact that you’re more likely to be turned down for a job if you “sound gay”).

But perhaps the worst time for Asians to stay quiet are when we’re victims of hate – a problem Asian-Americans Advancing Justice is working to rectify.

Some excerpts from the article::

As disturbing as these stories are, they often don’t show up in national data, said Yang. Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders frequently underreport hate incidents because they feel intimidated by law enforcement or are afraid of being seen as overly sensitive. Unfortunately, their silence on the issue makes them an even more attractive target for hate crimes. Racially motivated incidents that are reported are often filed as generic offenses and don’t show up in national data about hate crimes.

Documented hate crimes against Asian-Americans extend as far back as the 1800s, when the white supremacist group Arsonists of the Order of Caucasians murdered four Chinese men whom they blamed for taking away jobs from white workers. The men were tied up, doused with kerosene and set on fire.

“We need to raise public awareness that hate incidents against AAPI are not one-off incidents. They happen in much greater numbers than we’d like to admit.”


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