When Asian Emasculation Meets Misogyny: On Eddie Huang’s Black Feminist Problem

When Asian Emasculation Meets Misogyny: On Eddie Huang’s Black Feminist Problem:

Happy tuesday y’all! Recently, Chef Eddie Huang of Fresh Off the Boat fame,  had an interview with GQ about Asian male body image and reclaiming Asian masculinity through his new underwear line, but instead of posting that, it brought me back to one of his old twitter exchanges with Mia McKenzie of Black Girl Dangerous.

His twitter responses to her critiquees serve as a great reminder that the discourse on Asian (e)masculinity for the most part finds itself confined to comparisons with and against white/western/european masculinity, while failing to address how “reclaiming” Asian masculinity can often perpetuate anti-blackness as well as how the pushback against and fears of  “emasculation” are built on frameworks of misogyny.


“The rise of celebrity chef and memoirist Eddie Huang, whose swagger,
wit, and taste for controversy has made him one of Asian America’s most
visible figures. The unofficial leader and visionary of the “movement of big dick Asians,”
Huang’s persona has resonated with Asian Americans tired of being an
“invisible” minority, and especially with Asian American men seeking to
reclaim and reassert their own masculinity. But when reclaimed
masculinity comes in such normative, ultra-hetero packaging, are we
doing more harm than help?


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