Here at G3S, we aim to provide an inclusive voice and platform for queer Asian and Pacific Islanders…

Here at G3S, we aim to provide an inclusive voice and platform for queer Asian and Pacific Islanders that uplifts the diverse narratives of our community. This week we are exploring the intersection of religion and queer identities and wanted to share a progressive resource from a community member addressing these issues. Read below for more details.

Hi everyone!

My name is Justin, and I wanted to throw myself out there as a gay Christian because it is often thought to be a lonely road when it doesn’t have to be. I’d love to connect with other gay Christians, offer some resources that might be helpful for other gay Christians, and/or share my crazy super natural encounters in the charismatic church if anyone is interested.

  1. There is an international Gay Christian Network started by Justin Lee that connects gays across the globe. I’m part of the Los Angeles chapter which has a booming Facebook group that hosts frequent outings, get-togethers, and Bible studies.
  2. If you are from the Southern California area, check out Evergreen Baptist Church of Los Angeles. It is a predominantly Asian church with an LGBTQ Fellowship (The Open Door) and an affirming stance where LGBTQ are explicitly permitted in the mission statement to take on leadership positions in the church. I’m taking a couple of us from G3S to the following church get-together in late March so hit me up if you want to come along! We meet every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month 10-11:30am.
  3. For the theologically curious, The Reformation Project is a great international organization and resource to turn to. It is organized and run by Matthew Vines— the premier leader for affirming reformation in the traditional church. I am currently undergoing their 4-month internship, where I am enlisted with an international cohort of 30 to study this complex debate and explore how we might change the traditional church for the better. I’ve attached our syllabus here in case anyone is curious. Hit me up if you want the PDF readings.

I’ll also be giving my testimony at Evergreen church in May, and producing a YouTube video giving a rundown of the complex LGBTQ theological debate to come out May as well…. so stay tuned for that.




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