Religious Denial


I was talking to someone on Tinder and he was telling me how he didn’t consider himself a Muslim anymore. He said he didn’t like the shame associated with being gay as a Muslim. I asked him if he had ever checked out what the Quran says about homosexuality and he said he’d never read the verses but he knew that according to the Muslim leaders, gays go to hell.

I went onto Google and read up on the six verses in the Quran that reference the act of men having sex with men. They were pretty similar to the verses in the Bible.
So I asked him if he wanted the link to read the verses and the notes associated with those verses and he said no. It was in the past and he just accepted he was going to hell.

For a moment I felt incredulous to what he was saying. He had been conditioned to feel so ashamed that he’d just developed a major case of denial and he would rather just accept that he was going to hell based off what he had heard from somebody, rather than double check what the Quran said about it.

Then I asked him how he became Muslim originally and he said he was just kind of born into it. Ive learnt that Islam and Christianity are entirely different concepts. For me, I had to make a self determined decision that I believed and chose to follow a higher being. Whereas a majority of Muslims are automatically Muslim by birth.


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