From BuzzFeed’s “Gays Vs. Lesbians: Raising a Robot Baby”:

Jen Ruggirello: I think, if anything, I just learned that doing it for two days, at a very easy level, was frustrating. So the fact that you can do it for the rest of your life is impressive. So, thank you moms and dads.

Niki Ang: Sorry, mom!

Kevin Nguyen: I thought it was pretty good and responsible, but at the same time it’s a handful. Because you don’t realize it until you’re actually in it, that you’re doing it, that you’re like “ohmygosh, this is what parents do“, it’s like a second job, having a kid.

Hi, everyone! This is Ethan from the G3S Team signing in this week as a guest curator again. One of the major themes explored on G3S is our experiences with parents, family members, and other people who’ve helped us grow into the people we are. This week is about the converse: stories by/about LGBTQ Asians in roles helping children to learn and grow. So get ready for some heartwarming stories about gaysian & queer asian parents and educators!


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