When I first arrived, I was kinda shy about making friends. And I couldn’t bring myself to talk to strangers.

They just think, “Oh, you guys already have your own group. We don’t need to include you.”

I think that, to Americans, you’re still kind of…you feel like a foreigner. They’re like, “You’re not American. You’re from somewhere else.” 

When I’m back home, there’s always someone I can talk to. Now I’m alone. So I used to get really homesick.








因为在国内的时候,旁边总是有个人可以讲话什么的 ,现在就是自己了,当时还蛮想家的 

Local people, most of them are very…easy going. They’re really easy to make friends with.

They’re like older siblings. They look after you. I’ve made so many friends in America.

当地人…大家都挺随和的… 都挺容易交朋友的,所以说我也交了很多的美国朋友



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