The white supremacy of being asked where I’m from

The white supremacy of being asked where I’m from:

Some notable excerpts:

When you hear the phrase white supremacy, what picture comes to your mind? Maybe it’s Adolf Hitler screaming into a microphone. Maybe it’s white-hooded figures marching around a burning cross.

For me, it’s a lot less dramatic and a lot more commonplace. So, if I may, I would like to offer an updated definition of white supremacy. It’s the idea that white is the ideal, and we are all consciously and subconsciously working to achieve whiteness.

For example, I’m an actor. And, once, I was sitting in the waiting room of a casting agency with a fellow actor who happened to be white. And I was telling him how I keep getting called in for roles looking for all ethnicities, but are clearly written for a white man, like characters named Vincent Daniels.

And he says to me, “Well, Peter, you’re almost white.”

Me, an Asian-American, being almost white? Meaning what? That I’m not black or Latino or any skin complexion darker than white?

In saying so, he’s assuming that white people are the default race in this country, that I am almost normal.



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