15 Days, Part 1


Date #1 (June 9th) – Crave & milk tea

You were such a delight. You laughed at my jokes and shared my love for food. You wanted to do the same stupid shit that I wanted to do. Like go to an escape room or go to a board game cafe. I also learned that we both drink copious amounts of alcohol to gain the courage to dance.

At the end of the dinner, I ran out of things to say. I didn’t want to overstay my welcome so I gestured for us to leave. But you said that we should go to a nearby milk tea cafe. I was absolutely thrilled.

I thought we were gonna be great friends. Which was great because I don’t have any gay friends in the area. But then before I slept, you called me cute via text. I was confused.

Date #2 (June 10th) – Felipe’s and Hong Kong after you didn’t get into Lansdowne

You kept inviting me to hang out with your friends but it was all so last minute. I had work to do, too. But later that night you told me that your Canadian ID wasn’t accepted at the bar but your friends went ahead anyway. Of course I went to come get you. Mind you, that was the fastest I’ve ever dressed myself to go out.

We scrounged around for bars that would accept your ID. Not a lot and it was late too. We ended up getting scorpion bowls at this really cheesy place. I was so drunk. I don’t think I told you I was a lightweight.

As the night went on, I felt so dumb because I realized that my data plan ran out. I couldn’t call an Uber home and the public transit wasn’t running anymore. You offered your place and I nervously accepted.

Then you told me that you were attracted to me. That you were getting out of a bad breakup. I told you that I’m leaving Boston in five weeks and that I didn’t care.


Date #3 (June 11th) – Double Chin, Club Cafe for Pride

We slept together last night. I thought we were supposed to be friends? I was so afraid that everything would be awkward between us. I should’ve known better than to make multiple plans to hang out in advance.

I thought about getting you a dumb rainbow bracelet from the Pride Parade. I didn’t. We said that we wouldn’t let anything ruin our friendship because we got along so well.

And since we were just friends, I introduced you to my group of friends. They loved you. You kissed me in front of them. I was stunned.

Date #4 (June 12th) – Ayoung’s Rooftop

It was so tough leaving my bed this morning. You were in it, looking all cute and hungover. But I had an early morning bus to Maine.

I spent all day thinking about you. I wondered what it would’ve been like to go an a cute hike together as a date. In fact, I sent you a picture of the trail. I wonder if you are into me as much as I’m into you.

Throughout the day, I remembered fragmented pieces of last night. I blacked out. We ordered pizza? And apparently we took a shower together. Man, I wish I could remember that.

I came back to Boston just in time to see you at your friend’s rooftop. They made fun of us. They said we were cute together. Are we…together?

Date #5 (June 13th) – Smoking at Allison’s

We got high. I was so high. I’m so happy that you were getting along with my friends. I made such dumb jokes–and dumb faces–I hope you’re still attracted to me.

Also, you volunteered to cook for us. How did I land such a gem?


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