When people talk about soulmates, I always remember this scene from Sex and the City. To me, a soulmate is more than a lover.  A soulmate is someone who shares a common thread with you, someone who knows your thoughts before you even utter them, someone who can pick up the conversation with you even if it was weeks or months ago that you last saw each other.  My friends are my soulmates.

I’ve always been a wandering spirit. It can often be difficult to cultivate lasting friendships when permanency is your achilles heel. I’m grateful to have a few very close friends in my life.  They’re the ones that keep me grounded and often times, sane. They may not always understand the choices I make, but they respect me enough to allow me to make those choices and are ready to pick me up if those choices turn out to be the wrong ones.  A boy could not ask for anything more.


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