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The craziest thing to me is how undeniably popular black men seem to be, but when you look at the most popular pornstars list…it’s almost like they don’t exist. Also, is it just me, or do the most stereotypically racist parts of this county love big black dick more than anything else ☕️🐸

Edit: Actually, my observation was showing a certain bias that I hadn’t even considered. I made the mistake of assuming that all the people that did these searches were white. That was obviously a mistake. The South has a high black population that could easily affect the results of this. Likewise, the proximity of Mexico to the southwest US could also play a role in the high amount of Latino searches. (Also the proximity of Hawaii to Japan?) So yeah, I guess I was a little quick to jump to a conclusion.

This is a fascinating set of race/sex/commodity/fantasy/desire data going on here. I’m going to bracket the data collection method questions, which would inform any argument or conclusion we could make, but there would be no time to figure those questions out now in the scope of this tumblr post – nonetheless, those method questions might be: how are searches logged? How was data collected/compiled? How is an instance measured (ie will one IP which searches for a certain term an obscene number of times in a short duration significantly impact the data)? Also going to bracket audience questions, since this measures only PornHub users (I think data might be different if it can be compiled from MyVidster).

The above commenter (@wittymoniker) made a great observation about the misalignment between the most visited categories (clearly racialized) vs. porn star searches, that I think deserves some more conversation. An initial, un-researched response to this observation is that there could be an argument made here about the structural conditions in which the virtuosity/auteur function of the white performer – which sustains that performer’s career for longer than another kind of performer – accumulates more capital than the limited virtuosity of the black performer. If we attach any kind of meaning or indication of virtuosity (meaning the singular transcendent skill of a performer – which itself is historical/structural) to the frequency of hits under the category “Most Popular Gay Pornstars”, this, I think, discloses something about the historical/structural conditions in which the black performer is marked precisely by his disposability. What is consumed and (framed as) virtuosic about the white performer exceeds merely his material parts (his cock, his ass, his frame, his fluids, etc) – this is where I would venture into the wish-fulfillment/sexual desire management that his surplus subjectivity (esp. if he performs those additional subject positions on top of his whiteness ie twink, bear, jock, etc., many of which are not so available to other racialized performers) can distinctly fulfill as a white performer. 

The limited virtuosic function of the black performer, when there is clearly an audience for it (as demonstrated by “Black” as the most popular category, especially in states with a particularly high viewer proportionality), might suggest that black performers are consumed (and very importantly produced by the studio) less as individual genius but rather for his fungible and exchangable body as a set of parts. See that “big black dick” exceeds “black” under popular searches and both refer to parts of the body in contrast to the qualitative categories that populate other searches (ie: straight, college roommates, twink, etc.) 

Although the qualitative and subject-oriented categories of straight, college roommates, twink, and so on are not mutually exclusive with the category of black (”black daddy” might be a possible example here), that the black performer both does not appear to link to a commensurable porn star search impact (as other data sets appear to do with “black” being a widely viewed category, “big black dick” as a widely searched term) I think discloses something about the black performer as disposable in the way that the white performer is not. For the black performer, he can be made to accrue capital primarily as body part (since he is consumed as body part – especially since the black performer which does make the popular star list, Castro Supreme, the marketing strategy is specifically about his cock) and not as a subject the same way a white performer (especially conferred the status as “porn star”) would be. In this way, the black performer is disposable in that he can be paid less (vs what one conferred, produced as, or consumed as porn star would make) and is exchangable with other black performers. 

As for the original comment’s edit which presents a model of causal racial consumption (in which race might determine the habits of consumption), I would say that even if that might be observed, it wouldn’t provide much insight on how to read the popular pornstars list, since we might assume that the black porn star would be proportionally higher if that were the case.


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