Announcing G3S Writer’s Roundtable! #AskG3S

To our queer Asian and Pacific Islander brothers and sisters:

It’s with great pleasure that we announce the launch of the G3S Writer’s Roundtable, a discussion forum and advice column gathering the wisdom of some of Tumblr’s best API LGBT writers. Aiming for a monthly release, a topic or question will be posed to the Writer’s Roundtable and a selection of their responses and commentary will be posted to G3S. In the same vein as the tinychats and the G3S Mentors program, our hope is that the Writer’s Roundtable will offer an additional resource of peer support for the Community. So if you have any questions about relationships, dating, sex, coming out, family issues, or anything you would like some advice on, send an ask to the G3S Writer’s Roundtable tab on our home page. We also welcome any suggestions for discussion topics.

Many thanks to @letters-to-charles and @life-in-grayscale for their support in developing this idea. Also, shoutouts to @ro-mantik, @gregasaurus, @abmos, @jsl009, and @medicasian for being on our Writer’s Roundtable! This week on G3S will be a preview of future editions of #AskG3S and we hope you’ll look forward to the sagacity of our Writer’s Roundtable!



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