300 Followers Milestone: Moderator AMA!

Hello everyone!

It’s another follower milestone (though a bit delayed) and as always, @alostfish and I are so grateful for all your support of G3S. We hope that you all have found G3S to be a space for community, empowerment, and reflection. Yet as much good as G3S has wrought, Fish and I recognize that there is still more room for G3S to grow. While G3S Mentors has been a valuable program for our community to support and advise each other, demand for mentors has outstripped our current roster and we are in need of more mentors! So if you’d like to give back to the community and help guide a fellow gaysian, please sign up here: http://ift.tt/2cdR2ft

Second, Fish and I are interested in increasing the diversity of voices featured on G3S. Many thanks to @tumifer, @letters-to-charles, @sapiencespire, and @ox-85 for volunteering as guest moderators on multiple occasions. Each has contributed a unique perspective to the blog, from growing up as a mixed-race Asian to the diaspora of the Hmong people. And yet we know that there are so many more stories out there, particularly from the gender non-conforming, trans, and queer women community whom are currently inadequately represented on G3S. Moving forward, Fish and I would like G3S to be as inclusive and representative of the queer API community so we encourage all API gender identity and sexual minorities to reach out and share your voice and your stories.

Finally, to celebrate our 300 followers milestone, Fish and I will be hosting an AMA (Ask Me Anything*) this Saturday, September 10th starting at 9pm EST!  The AMA will take place at tinychat.com/g3s and if you noted the asterisk, while Fish and I are open to most questions, we reserve the right to refuse to answer those of a sexually explicit nature. But other than that, we hope to see you there and get to better know one another.

Til then!

– Jeffish

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