“College student Wan Qing, wearing a rainbow flag,…

“College student Wan Qing, wearing a rainbow flag, announced that she is lesbian during the graduation ceremony of Sun Yat-Sen University.”

Sun Yat-Sen Univerisity in Guandong, China, is known as one of the most active of China’s universities for the LGBT activism on its campus. Sun Yat-Sen was also the first university in China to have a registered LGBT student association, Happy Together ( Rainbow Association) in 2006.

Unfortunately, the group was forced to close the year after due to public and administrative uproar. Despite this, Sun Yat-Sen Univerisity still harbors an active LGBT student life in the form of forums and courses on gender and sexuality offered by supportive university professors and through unregistered groups and student activists.

To read more about Wan Qing visit these articles links.

College student comes out at graduation ceremony

Chinese college student comes ‘out’ at graduation rites

And that’s a wrap! Thanks for tuning in this week for my student and school themed postings. Good luck on the new school year to all who may be students and hang in there till summer! Until next time!



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