It’s another Movie Monday here on G3S, and this week’s film is from Thailand. Hopefully no one has posted it yet, and someone already took my fave “Saving Face”. Some of you have probably seen Love of Siam, but sometimes you just want a gay film that isn’t super depressing. 

In “Love’s Coming” no one gets kicked out of their house, dies due to a complication after being diagnosed with AIDS, or hates themselves because of their religious upbringing! That’s why this was one of the last gay movies I genuinely enjoyed.

It’s a good coming of age story to watch on a Sunday afternoon. The characters are all in high school and the protagonist, Gump, is developing a crush on the boy next door that he has to tutor. He’s not out to his friends, but they’re super supportive and want to be there for him. Also his mom is the best.

You actually can watch the whole movie here on YouTube:

– Thomas (tumblr / YouTube)


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