Wong Kar-wai’ s romantic drama is this week’s M&M. A lavish piece of cinema art it earned him Best Director at the 1997 Cannes Film Festival and a nomination for the Palme d’Or—the top prize.

Happy Together is at times anything but what it title suggest. The film follows two men from Hong Kong who have decided to take a vacation to Argentina in an attempt to salvage their relationship. Once there  Lai Yiu-fai  (Tony Leung) and Ho Po-wing (Leslie Cheung) realize that a change of scenery does not equal a change of heart and once again the troubles in their relationship resurfaces. Both men become stranded and struggle to survive in Buenos Aires as they struggle with their on and off encounters.

This film is a slow-burning turbulent drama punctuated with moments of intense emotions. It is a bit heavy for a date night movie but is a perfect fit for a night in from the clubs.

Here is a link to a fan trailer/MV featuring Leslie (who is bisexual) singing the film’s titular song. Happy Together trailer/MV.


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