Make you feel my love.

Today my friend told me about the 5 love languages and how everyone has different receptions to the 5 different methods of communicating love.
Words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, physical touch.

Apparently one of the secrets to great relationships is communicating with your loved ones through their love language, not your own.

While I am receptive to all the languages I would say I most express my love through touch and feel love through physical contact. Whether it be hugging friends or having a mate throw their arm around my shoulder I am known to be quite a touchy feely person.

So if we ever meet and I give you a hug know that it’s because that’s how I best express my love.

Hey guys,

It’s tumifer back for another week of moderating this blog. I feel like a lot of posts I read on tumblr are about guys going on dates and still trying to find what they want in a partner. Not that being in a relationship is or should be the end goal for everyone, but I enjoy it when I come across posts like this.

That’s why I’ve decided to make this week about relationships (and how to keep them healthy). I’m not doing this to make you lament being single. I just hope some of these posts will give you useful tools for when or if you do find someone special to be with.

I think I came across an online quiz sometime last year that used these 5 languages of love. My boyfriend and I both took it because he loves quizzes, and he forced me to. He ended up getting words of affirmation being the top way he expresses love, and I got acts of service. 

We’re both American but I definitely feel like he got more of that cultural need to hear “I love you” and compliments. I never heard it that often from my mom so I’m more used to showing my love through keeping our apartment clean and cooking for him. Now that we’ve been together for three and a half years, I make sure to say affectionate things more often, and he will help wash dishes or schedule deliveries that I miss.


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