This week’s M&M features Thai transgender singer Gene Kasidit. 

Gene is an emerging fashionista and culture provocateur in the indie Thai music scene. Widely popular among the counter-culture socialites of cosmopolitan Bangkok she has found fame through her music and art. Gene styles herself as an electro-pop diva who seeks to examine different aspect of Thai culture through her self expression which can at times be shocking to traditional Thai values. She also raises awareness for other Thai transgender individuals who have a tenuous relationship with Thai society where they are often tolerated but not accepted. 

Gene’s featured song เก็บคำว่ารัก (English title: ONS – One Night Stand) according to her is about the pursuit of trying to find the right guy in an often chaotic and fast paced world. She sings about how the love we want  may not be the love we find but that we must accept things as they are and keep moving on. 

“Love is like high heels. You can find the most beautiful pair but it may hurt if you wear it. Find a comfortable pair.” – Gene Kasidit



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