Follower Friday: chetraslovakia

Follower Fridays is a series of profiles highlighting members of Gaysian Third Space to showcase the diversity of gaysians in the Community. This week’s featured member is @chetraslovakia.


Who are you?

I go by Chet. I am a gay Cambodian American who hasn’t suffered from middle child syndrome.

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Maryland, home of blue crabs and Old Bay.

What do you do?

I am currently an undergrad student, majoring in Computer Science and doing a minor in Information Systems. Currently, I’m trying to find research positions related to the cyber security field. I find that this field is extremely interesting because hackers will always find new ways and methods for infiltration. Perhaps learning about the criminal mind is what is most interesting to me. I recently picked up fishing and made tons of catches down in Florida last winter.

What are you passionate about?

Manga and video games! I’m always binging chapters of mangas and manhwas before I go to bed. My absolute favorites are titles such as World Trigger, HIVE, Dead Days, Gantz, Subtle Disaster, and Sithrah. If you like action or thriller, I definitely recommend Gantz.

The video games that I play religiously are Crusaders Quest, Puzzle and Dragons, and Black Desert Online.

What is your dream job (real or fantasy)?

I’m trying to avoid becoming a code monkey. Recently, I learned that I enjoy teaching and working with my peers; it’s fascinating to learn new methods and ideas through your peers.

I figured, hey, if I could kill two birds with one stone, maybe I should be one of the “academic elite” and publish tons of scholarly research papers as a professor. Isn’t that how it works? Ideally, I just want to stay near the east coast and keep learning new things. If not, I will settle for a cyber security or forensics job.

If you could change the world with one idea, what would it be?

Never compare yourself to someone else’s journey and consequently put yourself down. You’ll get to your destination as long as you work hard and balance it with time to enjoy yourself.


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