I wish that people wouldn’t look down on others for not wanting to continue or pursue an education because it’s simply not what everyone wants. Going to post-secondary doesn’t automatically make you better than someone who didn’t.

It’s tiring to see people look down on me for not being in school/not planning on going back any time soon. It’s even scarier because a lot of my peers are graduating soon and they’re all ready to go start their careers and it completely boggles my mind how anyone is able to decide what they want to do before they’ve even gotten to experience life. You are not who the you are five or ten years ago, so what makes you think that you’ll be so sure that the career you want to pursue now will be the same one you want in ten years from now?
Part of the biggest reason why I haven’t decided to go back to school is because I’m unsure of what I’d like to do for a career. Working for the past three years has really taught me a lot of valuable experience and opened up my eyes to who I am as an employee, along with what aspects of work I like and what I don’t. This will all eventually play into choosing a job for the long-term, but I still haven’t even gotten to really enjoy my twenties and explore my options.

I have my own plan and my life is mine. I’m free go decide and see what’s out there that I want to do and it doesn’t affect you at all. I understand that some people do it to be “caring”, but really, it’s annoying because it creates this stigma attached to people who aren’t going to school. I will eventually, but that’s not in my plan for the next five years and I have a lot of things I want to do, lots of places I want to see and travel before I tie myself down and invest all that time and money into going back to school to start a career. I’m not an underachiever; I’m just taking life at my own pace and fuck you, I’m happy.


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