Problematic blogs and self hate

Buckle in your seatbelt for this one. While browsing for mixed-race gaysian content to post for this week, I came across this blog. Read the title (Are many Eurasians/ Hapas/ Half Asian men gay or perpetually single?) and I knew that it was going to be problematic. The writer himself is Eurasian, but didn’t have a positive experience with it, hence the title of the blog.

As I read further, there were some things that seemed on point, but then it just went to crazy town. It was like Azealia Banks all over again, except I didn’t love the writer’s music, and this was not a bop.

His overall purpose with the blog is showing how Asian woman White male couples are bound to end up with messed up sons with criminal tendencies. He claims that because Asian women have a sexual preference for white men, they are incapable of loving their Asian sons. He states that Eurasian men are simply seen as Asian, so they have no agency in claiming their whiteness or even being mixed.

A lot of this echoes common held beliefs back when anti-miscegenation laws were in place. The taboo relationship of interracial couples was thought to lead to psychologically unstable offspring that would lead a life of sin. Sounds awful similar to what people say about queer folk adopting or having kids. Rather than seeing mixed-race individuals as something to break down normative binaries, he supports that Eurasians are subject to the one drop rule, and can only be seen as their “ethnic” side.

Reading further he makes a disclaimer that he fully supports gay people and doesn’t judge them. Only thing is, looking at the stance of this blog, it still comes off as a warning to Asian woman White male couples that not only will their sons be fucked up, but they may even be horror of horrors GAY.

He goes on to side with the environmental side of Eurasian guys turning gay because of the lower status of Asian men in society and getting rejected by women. Just to set the record straight, I was born this way. It’s not because my mom is Chinese and my dad is White. It’s not because I grew up on soy milk. My parents do not have racial fetishes. The only reason there are so many queer Eurasians on Youtube is because mainstream society doesn’t tell our stories or represent us. We need platforms like Youtube to make our voices heard and support the community of mixed-race kids feeling awkward about who they are. He probably didn’t have this kind of support system growing up, but he really needs to stop stigmatizing interracial relationships and Eurasian men. I am so done with this blog.

tumifer/raspelfy (Thomas)


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