Why is it problematic for me to be shirtless but not a white hollywood actor? Are you not speaking from a perspective clouded by the controversy of sexualization and slut-shaming?

Dear @dustinsohn,

What a surprise to hear from you. I took me a while to remember the post you are referencing to but I appreciate you reaching out to engage in a dialogue. I cannot find the post now but I seem to recall an earlier post of yours bemoaning how “creepy old men” objectify you, which I found ironic given the way you present yourself on your blog. So the shirtless photos themselves are not problematic but in the context in which they are presented. However, if my recollection is faulty, then my point is moot.

To continue the conversation, you have mentioned before your past hesitancy to post photos of yourself and I’m curious why you chose to present yourself as you have.

Sincerely yours,



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