I saw this trending on my Facebook and I wanted to share this. Not because I saw Eugene Lee Yang staring back at me (tee hee). But because I didn’t even know there was an “NBC Asian America” Facebook page or YouTube channel. I’m supporting this because I support representation in all aspects. I saw the little trailer thing and saw the Khmer family and that instantly made my heart twinge. I don’t know if that’s a real word. I try to avoid cliche phrases but that milisecond of a clip just brought back stories told to me by my parents about their years of suffering in Cambodia during the genocide.

Anyway, I don’t think it’s just about that. It’s relevant to not just “Asians” but specifically Asian Americans. It’s a bicultural construction; we live unique hybrid lives just as other subcultures do. And it’s nice to have that exposure to be better understood publcly. You get a little history with a bit of what it’s like here and now and maybe even a bit of how the past affected the present. I’m interested to see what they will show about our experiences as Asian Americans.

Here’s the link to NBC Asian America

In celebration of Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage month, this week’s post will highlight the Asian diaspora and the Asian American experience. Thanks to @rexomnia for the submission!

Also, just a friendly reminder that there will be a tinychat this Saturday at 9pm EST, following our biweekly schedule. Hope to see you there!



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