Students at this high school celebrated “straight pride” in a very ugly way


You’re proud to be straight? Cool, fine. If your straight pride means defacing a GSA’s posters and telling LGBT people they’re sinning? Not cool, not fine.

But that’s what happened at Franklin County High School in Winchester, Tennessee, where students and parents alike were apparently outraged by the approval of a Gay-Straight Alliance club. Some students put up “straight pride” posters crossing out the GSA logo and touting the boy-girl-hand-holding emoji. When they were asked to take them down, they pinned the posters to their clothes and refused to remove them, for which they weren’t punished. 

The signs in question were apparently posted by students and parents after they raised concerns that the school administrator’s approval of the GSA signified a disregard for “Christian” values. NewNowNext also reports that the school has several Christian clubs and hosts Bible study on school grounds.

“The fact that we could not get an approvement [sic] to start a fishing club at our high school but they approve a gay club makes me sick,” wrote student Kyle Palmer in a public Facebook post January 19. In sharing Palmer’s post, school alumnus John Wimley warned that the acceptance of a GSA would be followed by the creation of a school-sanctioned club for “Future ISIS Members of America,” referencing the radical Islamist terrorist organization controlling parts of Iraq and Syria.  

This is why we need LGBT issues introduced in education sooner. Because an adult human who attended this school thinks that being gay is the same as being a terrorist. And because some students just don’t understand that their particular belief in a religion doesn’t dictate what every student can or should do with their time. This kind of stuff infuriates me. It is 2016.

Students at this high school celebrated “straight pride” in a very ugly way


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