VidChat Beta Testing and G3S Town Hall



Hey G3Sers!

I hope everyone has been enjoying this week’s posts from guest moderator, @ox-85. He’s done an excellent job so far and we wouldn’t mind if he wants to do additional stints (*wink wink*). Anyways, in the run-up to the half-year anniversary of G3S, we have a couple of announcements that involve your participation!

The first is testing Google Hangouts as an alternative video-chat platform to tinychat. Tinychat unfortunately is not the most stable platform but it provided a degree of anonymity that some community members appreciated. However, recently, Google changed its Hangout policies to allow third-party users, in effect eliminating the requirement to have a Google+ account. We hope that Google Hangouts will deliver a better experience and will be hosting a video-chat session this Saturday, March 12 at 9pm EST to test out the platform.

Second, Fish and I have been brainstorming some ideas on where to take G3S next and we would like to share them with you as well as get your feedback and suggestions at the first G3S Town Hall. Of course, given the nature of G3S, this will be a virtual community meeting but to maximize accessibility, there will be two parts to the Town Hall. The first segment will be conducted via video-chat/webinar for a live discussion next Saturday, March 19th 9pm EST. After the meeting, the discussion notes will be published and a feedback form will be open for people to submit their commentary if they were unable to participate in the call.

Thank you all very much for your support of G3S and we look forward to seeing you at the Hangouts!

– Jeffrey and Fish

Just a reminder that we are beta-testing Google Hangouts tonight at 9pm EST! The link to the Google Hangouts will be posted around this time.

See you there!


Here’s the link!:

(Hopefully this works XD) 

@tumifer @medicasian @ox-85 @gregasaurus @alostfish @puyo-blah @sapiencespire @letters-to-charles @ro-mantik @jsl009



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