first thing mcdonalds has done that I approve of

Love from our family is taken for granted by most of us. Love from our family when we’re gay is different.

We have countless families that struggle to accept us, and we sometimes have to deal with the real trauma in our lives to find Love. At the same time, we struggle to balance that need for Love and, what we believe, is the Love we deserve.

It simply isn’t easy to fully disown your family and their Love. Some succeed, others don’t. We may stay closeted to our family, and that’s okay. We may come out to our families and be rejected, and that’s okay. We may be out to everyone and have the full support of all, and that’s okay.

It’s the hope that someday, somehow, we can be our true selves to everyone. That’s Love. (And if it doesn’t happen… then it doesn’t happen… and there’s still Love there… just different.)



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