Let’s continue with the Aussie Buzzfeed videos today. Because… that accent doe. (shout-out to our Aussie G3Sers out there too!)

When was the last time, if ever, you told yourself “I Love You”?

For me… probably never. There’s a hesitation on what self-Love entails, and if I am worthy of my own Love. It’s odd to think that I give Love to so many people (and pets… and food…

and things like Netflix…) before I give Love to myself.

This video speaks of a truth that is sometimes hard to accept. A truth that means that, sometimes, I don’t Love myself. Even as others tell me they Love me, a part of me wonders if I am even worthy of their Love.

I’m sure there’s a deep analysis I can make about being an Asian American, cis-gendered, gay man and the social norms that reinforce what Love is and why I feel I’m not worthy of Love (self or otherwise). 

But… let’s just leave it at a simpler level. Hey, @ox-85, I Love You.

Your turn.


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