Remind me to never debate with a law student…


I was having a discussion with a law student, and I took on a pessimistic argument that love is transactional in the sense that one must be capable of loving others before deserving of being loved. 

And he gave this counter argument that everyone deserves to be loved. Along with this poster-worthy quote: 

I know how to treat people with kindness, respect. 

I know how to shut my mouth when I know it will hurt someone I care about. 

I know how to remember the little things about someone that will make them smile.

I know how and when to hug someone when they’re feeling down. 

I know why people get irrationally mad sometimes and why sometimes I just have to take it and let them process. 

I know what it means to feel like you’re alone…so I can comfort someone when they feel alone.

I know where one can find oneself when they feel lost, so I can provide some sort of guiding light for them back home.

I know how people like to be validated on their achievements, complimented every so often on their looks, affirmed in their struggle.

Yup… he totally won. I should print it out and hang it on my wall. 

Shout-out to @alostfish​ for kicking off our week on “Love”.

This is a gentle reminder to us all that Love comes in all forms and that all of us deserve Love.

We should all be a bit more kind, and bit more patient, and a bit more caring to those we surround ourselves with, including ourselves.



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