G3S Line Group

Just want to do a quick post about the LINE Group. 

To join, please follow these instructions: 

1. Fill out the form here

2. Send a friend request to “alostfish” on Line. 

3. Send alostfish a quick message on Line so I know to add you. 

We are requiring the Googleform for extra security measures (we had a cyber troll recently). I have been getting friend requests on Line, but I am not sure which one is for G3S, so just send me a quick note if you want to join. 

The G3S Line group is designed as a moderated group (Jeff and I reserve the right to decline new membership or boot current members). The group is meant to facilitate discussions on G3S posts and other gaysian issues. We want to foster a supportive and welcoming environment for its members. So far we have a mix of more serious discussions, casual chats and giving each other advice/support. If you would like to be part of the group, please help us by maintaining a supportive and welcoming culture. 

– Fish


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