Follower Friday: ox-85

Follower Fridays is a series of profiles highlighting members of Gaysian Third Space to showcase the diversity of gaysians in the Community. This week’s featured member is @ox-85.

Who are you?

Second generation, Taiwanese American from California. Born, raised (and probably will die) in California. Currently pursuing my doctorate in education.

Where are you from?

California. Why would anyone willingly live anywhere else knowing how great California is?

What do you do?

I work full time in education and study education full time. Little time is left over for friends and family.

What are you passionate about?

Social Justice and Asian American empowerment & education. Being the best version of myself that I can be.

What is your dream job (real or fantasy)?

Honestly, probably a chef. I love to cook and I grew up in a restaurant & around food. I was a hella fat kid (still am on the inside).

If you could change the world with one idea, what would it be?

Empathy, compassion, and sharing stories is an amazing way to work through life’s toughest issues and destabilize problematic social issues.


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