I’ve been talking to this guy for the past month or so. He’s a nerdy kind of cute, a med student, and really buff. 

We’ve been chatting on and off throughout the weeks. Towards the end of each week I’ve been asking what his plans are so we can meet up. He keeps saying he’s busy with school/work which I get. He can actually hold a conversation unlike most boys here, so I tolerate it. 

After a few times though I start to get suspicious. I casually mention that I wonder if we’re ever gonna meet. He said, “When you buff up.” He said something those lines before but I honestly thought he was joking. When he said it again this time, all I could think about was a big FUCK YOU! 

I will be damned if I let this little fuckboy or anyone else tell me I’m not good enough because of my body. I value my health and living an active lifestyle. If I’m gonna workout, it’s for my benefit and mine alone. 

I don’t think he realizes that I’ve been hitting the gym basically everyday for the past 2 weeks. Not quite where I want my body to be, but I’m happy with the progress I’ve made so far. 

I know I’m fucking awesome, and I’m going to give my time to the people that see it. *end rant*

Thanks to @jsl009 for sharing his experiences. You are really awesome! 

While it is understandable that everyone can be superficial at times, many people in the gay community put a great amount of emphasis on physical appearance. We had many discussions and posts about this in G3S, and this is another example of that. 

– Fish


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