I want to thank @abmos for letting me share his personal story. It was quite touching for me. I applaud him for his amazing efforts at understanding his parents and their situation despite not receiving their support. 

Growing up in Asian households, family has always been emphasized as extremely important. From my personal experience, a lot of gaysians come out to friends first before coming out to parents, if at all. Other ethnic groups might decide to come out to parents first before friends (this is just anecdotal). It is perhaps one of the most nerve wrecking and life defining experience for many of us to tell our parents about our sexuality in fear of their disapproval given the traditional notion of marriage and expectations for grandchildren. Among the gaysians I know, there is a range of complete rejection to not talking about it to okay with it to complete acceptance. For those of us with accepting parents, we are very fortunate, and we should do our best to support fellow gaysians who did not have such privilege. 

In the course of this week, I will share some of the family related stories from various gaysians on Tumblr via G3S. To get a better sense of how much family support exists in the gaysian online community, we want to conduct a quick poll (link below). Please help us fill this out if you are curious too, and we will publish the result early next week! 




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