Making a difference

When Fish and I created Gaysian Third Space, we didn’t set out to change the world. Instead, our objective was to provide an alternative platform free of the pressures and occasional seediness of the clubs and apps. A safe space for individuals looking to make genuine connections and learn from each other. And from our growing follower count, it seems that G3S is resonating with some people. But followers and likes are only a proxy for measuring true impact. In fact, the most feedback I’ve gotten is from @thoughtsfromthewalkhome who pings me if I don’t write a commentary on a G3S post. Sometimes, I think he’s the only one who reads them XD

However, recently in the LINE group, a fellow gaysian shared his story that brought a great sense of vindication. I’ve copied his story below:

“My name is Jack. I am in my very early twenties.

My parents are Vietnamese and I was born and raised in Germany. I am currently living near Frankfurt and attending University.

Some years ago I checked some stuff on Tumblr until I came across some gaysian tumblr sites. I got more curious and found more and more gaysian tumblr sites. It was a real shock because I did not expect such people like you and me existed. Reading all your tumblr sites made me feel somehow connected and understood. Being gay and Asian in a white and straight dominated country is very confusing and sometimes frightening. All your blogs made me feel warm, welcomed, and accepted. Thank you for your effort.

[G3S] was a great idea. Thank you for making such a platform. I struggled my whole life (actually I am still struggling) to find like-minded people. I actually tried some apps but I did not contact anyone. Also, I am not very much into clubbing with people I do not even know. I am a very shy, socially-awkward person with some social anxiety. Reading all your tumblr sites made me feel [a sense] of belonging to a group of people I have always longed for.”

After reading his post, I couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear as I felt a rush of euphoria. To think that our lonely reblogs could touch the lives of individuals halfway across the world! That was an empowering moment. And so, for our 100th post on G3S, I’d like to dedicate this post to all our wonderful followers for continuing to share their stories and their insights. Because together, we might not be able to change the world, but at least we are making a difference.



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