Get more involved with G3S and the Gaysian tumblr community

Thank you guys for supporting Gaysian Third Space! It’s too bad that I missed the Tinychat yesterday, but it seemed like a success! Jeff and I discussed the recommendations we got yesterday, specifically

1) To feature posts from more diverse tumblrs on G3S. 

2) The Line group is getting larger (which is good), but there should be a venue for more personal discussions. 

To address these recommendation, we want to ask for your help: 

1) We are interested in knowing what you guys want to see posted at G3S, so we are seeking suggestions. Simply submit us the link to an article you would like to see reblogged and if it fits the overall theme of the blog, we will add them to the queue. Feel free to add a short commentary as well, but this is entirely optional. 

2) We want to create a big sib/little sib program where we can connect people in smaller groups to get advice and communicate on a more personal basis. We are still brainstorming how this would work so please let us know if you want to help in organizing or participate by sending us a message. 

3) We are also calling for collaborators to help manage and bring a different perspective to G3S. We would love to have more participation from the Gaysian tumblr community! Let us know if you are interested! 🙂

Thank you guys again for the support and hope to hear from you guys soon! 🙂

– Fish


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