After ‘I Do’: LGBT Asians come out amid cultural and language barriers


This is immensely important and relevant.

The Pride and LGBT movements need to be far more inclusive of marginalized communities, including API POC.

Our groups are minorities within a minority and we need specific resources and levels of support to begin addressing issues of homophobia, transphobia, and larger systemic issues.

Side note: I need to find a group for my mom. I think she could benefit from talking with other parents of gay, asian sons.

I am the eldest son in my family, and I have grown up with the assumed roles, duties, and pressures of being such. I refuse for my family to view my sexuality as a compromise to these eldest son roles & duties.

Since coming to D.C., I’ve had the extraordinary opportunity to interact with two leaders of the local API PFLAG community, a Hong Kong woman with a lesbian daughter and a Korean mother and father with a gay son. Their public support for LGBT rights and willingness to engage with other API parents with LGBT children are a incredible resource in the area, as they offer first-hand accounts on how they navigated the cultural and language issues of the API community. The article highlights the San Gabriel Valley API PLAG community but PFLAG also offers an API chapter in New York as well as other resources for API parents.


After ‘I Do’: LGBT Asians come out amid cultural and language barriers


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