For myself, “gaysian” is an innocuous moniker that simply combines “gay + Asian,” two descriptive traits of my multifaceted identity. Yet some people are ambivalent, arguing that “gaysian" can be harmful under the lens of queer critical theory. I’m curious to hear what others think about this matter and invite everyone to contribute their thoughts in the comment section. 

So the question to the Community is: What is your relationship with the term, “gaysian”? What does “gaysian” represent to you? Is the term, “gayisan”, potentially problematic?

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I view the word “gaysian” as a tool.

With that in mind, it may be helpful to compare it to a spork. The principal characteristic of both is that they are a fusion of two things – in this case, gay and Asian as well as spoon and fork – that results in something new.

“Gaysian” is a way to capture the intersection of those two identities in a manner that is both succinct and memorable – especially as compared to either word separately or wrenchingly glued together in the phrase “gay Asian”. Whenever I tag my posts with that word, I do so because I think the two identities meet in a way that is meaningful and speaks, at least partially, to the challenges of existing in both worlds. How does someone balance concepts of familial piety with the fact that many of our parents are opposed to same-sex relationships? How does being Asian affect one’s experience in the dating sphere?

If “gaysian” is a tool, then, like anything, it has the possibility to be used in ways that do not maximize its potential for good. In that sense, I think that the word can be problematic because – unconsciously – many of us recognize its capacity to encapsulate the struggles and triumphs of being both gay and Asian, but are disappointed at what is most readily available. In our frustration, it is easy to assume that what it is now is all that it can ever be.

The purpose of @gaysianthirdspace is to ensure that it lives up to the potential we all recognize that it has.

An insightful comment by @thoughtsfromthewalkhome. And thank you for your kind words of support for G3S!



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