Join us on the G3S discord! Gay Asians are a “double minority”…

Join us on the G3S discord! 

Gay Asians are a “double minority” in western countries, and for most of us, gay clubs and dating apps are the most accessible means of meeting other queer Asians. Unfortunately, the highly sexualized nature of these two venues can emphasize objectification and reinforce sexual hierarchies at the expense of more meaningful and longer-lasting connections.

In light of this, G3S (Gaysian Third Space) was created to provide an Gaysians a third, alternative space in which to meet other Gaysians, virtually and face-to-face, in a more positive and supportive environment. The G3S discord is one of the forums created in furtherance of this mission!

Scan the QR code in the image or use this link ( to join.

Please note: The G3S discord is a space exclusively for queer folks of East-Asian, Southeast-Asian, South-Asian, and Pacific Islander descent. 

G3S Discord will be hosting a casual LGBTQ+ movie night of…

G3S Discord will be hosting a casual LGBTQ+ movie night of Netflix’s newest release “Wish You: Your Melody is in My Heart!” Join us today, January 16th, at 9:00p.m. PST//12:00a.m. EST//5:00a.m.GMT. 

We hope we will see you there! 

A free-spirited singer whose love of music has him performing on the streets, Kang In Soo’s life revolves completely around music. Supported by his friends, In Soo hopes to someday turn his love of music into a full-time career, but doing so isn’t easy. Refusing to give up on his dreams, In Soo continues busking, day in and day out, while his best friend, Choi Min Sung (Baek Seo Bin), records his performances and uploads them on YouTube. Little does either of them know that In Soo’s performances have caught the attention of someone who could change the young musician’s life forever. 


Let’s Talk About MasculinityJoin GaysianThirdSpace,…

Let’s Talk About Masculinity

Join GaysianThirdSpace, ConversAsians, and ACON for a virtual discussion on Masculinity.  During our discussion, led by moderators with Asian diasporic perspectives from the United States and Australia, we’ll examine how masculinity is framed within our communities, how masculinity interacts with our other identities, and how ideas of masculinity, for each of us, have evolved over time.  

A G3S x ConversAsians x ACON Discussion 

6 PM PST / 9 PM EST // Sat 5 Dec 2020 USA
1 PM AEDT // Sun 6 Dec 2020 AUS

Zoom (link to be provided upon RSVP)

RSVP at – a Zoom link and password will be emailed to you in advance of the meeting.  Please only RSVP if you intend to attend the event.  Given the nature of the event, the maximum number of participants will be capped.

Please email